I'm Britanie.

Married to the Love of my Life. Busy Mother of Boys.

I am a step-mama to 1 growing, and 1 grown. And mama to 2 of my own.

Lover of: Ice Cream. Harry Potter. Essential Oils. Meal Planning. Thunderstorms. Yoga. Season Changes. And All Things Mom.

I firmly believe that my highest purpose in life is to nurture and mould my children into the best versions of themselves. And that starts with ME being the best version of myself.

Everyday I strive to demonstrate to my kiddos the benefits of leading a healthy & active lifestyle. I want them to see their Mama as STRONG and full of energy. And with a house full of boys, Lord knows I need as much energy as I can get.

It is my mission to empower Busy Moms (just like you!) to live an INSPIRED LIFE. A life that YOU control. A life full of health and happiness. A life full of freedom.

I truly believe that Moms make the world go round. When a Mom feels empowered to LIVE AN INSPIRED LIFE and prioritize her personal health and wellness, she will be at her best and will be able to realize her worth and value both in her home, and outside of it.

I am SO glad you are here and have taken the first steps towards prioritizing YOUR health & wellness and I cannot wait to guide you on your journey!