The ONE thing you need to lead a healthy lifestyle

There is one thing above all else that you need if you truly want to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not a treadmill in your basement. It’s not a kitchen full of healthy food.

Any guesses?

The ONE thing you need, ABOVE ALL ELSE,  if you want to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.. is the proper MINDSET.

Your mindset is SO important to your success. Not just mentally - but physically as well.

Get this: Every time you get super down on yourself and stress about how you measure up on the scale, or stress about how hard it is to prepare healthy food, or how you have NO time to work out…your adrenal glands secrete a stress hormone. This stress hormone, called cortisol, has been shown to increase fat in your midsection and make it more difficult to lose that fat!

So lets talk about a few ways you can conquer your mindset.

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Losing weight should not be your #1 goal - living a healthy life should be. Losing weight might be a result - but it should not be the goal. If you are so fixated on losing weight, you won't be creating the proper pathways to ensure your success longterm. Create small, attainable goals to help you measure success.

Goals like increasing water intake, eating more salads, going to bed earlier… these Non-Scale Victories will be the building blocks to your success.


Simply put - food is not a reward. And exercise is not a punishment. They are both ways of caring for your body and you deserve to have both. So many women have such an unhealthy relationship with food (not judging, I am totally guilty of emotional eating as well!) but once we really focus on changing the way we view food and exercise, living a healthy lifestyle becomes more of a priority and less of a chore. 

Somewhere along the line here, we were made to think that we have to feel either super proud or guilty about our food choices. And this is not OK. You should not feel guilty about wanting to eat the occasional donut. Hell, I am eating ice cream as I type this. And I am not going to feel guilty about it. I don't need to "work it off". I don't need to punish myself for it. But what I DO need to remember is Ice Cream is an occasional treat. And I truly feel my best when I eat wholesome, healthy foods! So 80% of the time - that's what I do! And 20% of the time, I allow myself to be HUMAN and the tasty treats I love.

We need to remember that the whole point of nourishing our bodies is to satisfy a basic human need. But our bodies don't just want calories - and not all calories are created equal. Our bodies want foods that make us feel GOOD, and will allow our bodies and brains to function at their best!

If you don't have the proper mindset, everything in your life will seem much more difficult. Every task will seem daunting. Every healthy meal will feel like a disappointment. Every exercise will feel like a chore.

Learning to work with your mind and develop healthy, positive habits is so crucial in creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Try thinking about and identifying the negative associations you have with truly leading a healthy lifestyle.

Do you think it's too expensive? Do you feel like you don't have time? Do you feel like you always fail and gain the weight back so there is no sense in trying? Do you feel like it's too hard to workout?

Now think about how you can shift your mindset to make a healthy lifestyle a more desirable plan. Take responsibility for your mind, your thoughts and your actions. Your thoughts control your behaviour and only YOU can change them!